Hi guys!

We’ve got great news – The Little Ball That Could has hit 100,000 players! Sure, this might not sound like much in the grand scheme of things – after all, big-name games by big-name publishers can get this in a couple of days. However, for a small indie studio like ours, working on a shoe-string budget and just starting out in game development, this is a great sign that we’re on the right track! While our Play Store release is still lagging behind a bit, the Android version found a great deal of its audience on third-party channels in China. The launch of the iOS version of the game was a huge boon to our player counts, basically doubling it in half the time. TLBTC iOS even spent a couple of days in Top 10 lists for Puzzle and Action categories in Italy and Spain!

If you haven’t had the chance to try out The Little Ball That Could, why not do it now – it’s free, after all! You can get The Little Ball That Could for iOS from the Apple App Store, and if you’re more of an Android-kind of guy or gal, you can get the Android version from the Google Play Store.