Swim Up

How far can you get before the shark gets you?

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Big fish eats small fish.

You are just a small fish in the big sea, out swimming among the reefs, and generally minding your own business. Today, you’ve gone way too deep looking for shiny pearls, and something started to smell fishy. Out of the deep, the shark rushed to get his midday snack, and you’re the only item on the menu! Your only way to avoid becoming a fishstick is to swim up, but the reef goes deep and the currents are growing ever stronger. How long will you last?

Simple gameplay

Swim Up can be played by anyone – you just need to tap or hold the screen to make the fish swim up! Avoid the walls, deadly hooks and mines, and stay on a lookout for yummy fish and shiny pearls.

Fish collector paradise

Use the pearls you collect to unlock new, exotic kinds of fish. Fish will vary in size, strength and the score bonus they give you, so make sure to unlock and try out all of them!


Become the big fish in a small pond by getting a high score you can brag about! Swim Up connects to your device’s game services, allowing you to compete with your friends and the whole world.

Cuteness overload.

Swim Up is a feast for the eyes as you travel through numerous vivid locations such as sandy shorelines, ominous caves, coral-covered reefs, seaweed forests, and even secret underwater research facilities! Make sure you soak in the view quickly, though – once the game picks up the pace, you’ll need cat-like reflexes to make it through! If you are interested in the Swim Up press kit, you can get it here.