The Little Ball That Could

Test your speed, precision and curiosity in The Little Ball That Could, our awesome marble platformer for Xbox One, Windows, Mac & Linux!

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Prove your worth.

There is no exception to the rule - only the worthy can be accepted into Haven. It was your turn to get your heart and join your kind in when the stamping machine stopped. Your only choice to to find enough hearts to refill and restart the machine. On your path, there are deadly falls to avoid, dangerous traps to evade, mind-bending puzzles to solve, and maze-like levels to traverse. But all is not grim, for there are shiny gems to collect, hidden puzzle pieces to find, and trapped friends to help. Perhaps there is another way to prove your courage?

Start your adventure.

Amazingly huge world

TLBTC spans across 5 worlds and 120 large levels. Each level contains multiple twisty paths and gives you three tasks to perform, all the time pitting you against increasingly tricky traps and risky terrain.

A matter of choice

Will you save the trapped friends, or pass them by and join your kind? The story of The Little Ball That Could may be simple, but your decisions during the game will have consequences!

Cool unlocks

Collect hidden puzzle pieces to unlock beautiful ball skins, and if you are up for a challenge, use fun special powers that will let you play the game in radically different ways.

Enjoy the ride.

Precise controls: Whether you prefer to play using a keyboard or a controller, we got you covered. Experience the best platforming action, just the way you like it!

Challenging, not frustrating: You can skip the level if you feel puzzled or load a previous checkpoint if you nearly miss that near miss.

Great music: Listen to our awesome soundtrack that includes nine piano-driven melodies and an original music piece specifically created for TLBTC.

Play on the go.

The Little Ball That Could also comes in a convenient carry-on package! The mobile version might not have all the bells and whistles of the full game, but lets you experience the game's challenges on the go! In the game, you'll be able customize the graphics settings as well as pick between several mobile-friendly control schemes.

TLBTC Mobile is available as a free, ad-supported download. In the iOS version, you can remove the ads for a small fee.