Awesome news, guys!

We worked hard at it, and it is finally ready. The Little Ball That Could, our darling marble platformer, is now available for Mac and Linux operating systems! Now, all of you waiting for some quality roll-the-ball action set in colorful, maze-like levels filled to the brim with traps and puzzles will be able to get your fix, whatever the platform you use. The Little Ball That Could is now live on Steam for $7.99 – getting it there will make it available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The Mac version is also available on the App Store, at a slightly reduced price of $5.99, as it doesn’t feature Steam-exclusive features such as cloud save and leaderboards.

Not sure what TLBTC is about? Visit The Little Ball That Could Minisite and find out why this is the game for you if you love arcadey marble platforming classics such as Marble Madness, Marble Blast, Monkey Ball or Hamsterball.

Big thanks to all our supporters!