Hey folks, awesome news!

We have made another huge step forward with The Little Ball That Could. Starting today, players around the world can play the finest marble rolling action from the comfort of their couch – yes, that means all you guys and gals rocking an Xbox One, One S or One X will be able to get TLBTC straight onto your console! Not only that, but you’ll also be able to get TLBTC from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10, and even transfer your save data seamlessly!

Among all other great things TLBTC offers (check out The Little Ball That Could Minisite,¬†wink wink), you can also enjoy cross-play benefits and compete on the online leaderboards without having an active Xbox Live Gold account, Also, we went the extra mile to optimize the game’s performance, so you should be getting smooth framerates and crisp visuals regardless of the console version you own.

The Little Ball That Could is starting to roll out right now, and costs only $6.99 or your regional equivalent. On Windows, you can get it here; on the Xbox Store, you can find it listed in the Creators Collection. Arcadey marble platforming is back on Xbox, and if you loved the classics such as Marble Madness, Marble Blast, Monkey Ball or Hamsterball, we’re sure that you’ll love TLBTC!