Howdy folks,

The moment has come – we have finally released Swim Up on Apple App Store! You can get it here – the roll out has started, so it might take a couple of hours before the game becomes available in all stores.

In Swim Up, you are tasked with escaping the hungry shark – and to do so, you just need to tap or hold the screen and make the fish swim up! You need to avoid the walls, dodge deadly hooks and mines, and stay on a lookout for yummy fish and shiny pearls. As the currents get faster, what seems to be a simple task turns really tense and super-fun!

Swim Up is available as a free download, though the game contains a number of in-app purchases that will let you get more pearls, or double the pearls you earn. Don’t worry – these aren’t obligatory for your enjoyment of the game, and you can always earn more pearls by watching ads or simply getting further in the game. For more details, check out our official page on Swim Up, and while you’re at it, you can check out our trailer video as well!