Hi folks,

The day of the launch approaches fast, and now, we have a really sweet collection of TLBTC videos ready for your viewing pleasure! We made a selection of several different runs, oriented on gem collection, puzzle piece discovery and time trials, so you’ll get to see what the game is like to play!

The Little Ball That Could is a physics platformer that brings the gameplay of Marble Madness, Super Monkey Ball and Marble Blast Ultra into 2017. These games were all about speed, and while TLBTC wears this legacy on its sleve, it’s generally more oriented towards exploration. Inspired by Portal and similar puzzle platforming games, we made The Little Ball That Could a test of your wit, as well as your skill! To learn more about the game and read up on its features, visit The Little Ball That Could Minisite.

The Little Ball That Could will become available for download via Steam on September 12th, 2017. If you want to sink your teeth into it before that, you’ll be served well by the mobile version of the game, which is already available for iOS (iTunes), as well as Android smartphones and tablets (you can get it here).