We are happy to inform you that the major update of Best Widgets is now available on Google Play Store!

Top new features include full widget customization in terms of size and style, stylish weather screen and detailed weather information, clock animation, world clock, date formats and many others.

Customize your home screen in a few steps end enjoy a great variety of theme combinations, clock animations, battery and weather icons and custom fonts. Choose between three easily-accessible weather screen styles with detailed information regarding the current and long-term weather forecast. The detailed weather screen now offers hourly forecast including temperature, precipitation, pressure, humidity and wind speed graph.

Also, now you can share the weather forecast via e-mail or your favorite social network using the built-in share functionality.

To check out all these amazing new features Best Widgets v2.0 has to offer, check out the Best Widgets page on our site. Don’t forget to download Best Widgets for free from the Google Play Store.