Hi everybody,

We’ve been hard at work bringing a new widget pack for Android devices, and this time, we went down the KISS route (for anyone wondering and too lazy to google it, it means keep it simple, silly). This widget pack will be focused on delivering a limited number of pre-configured, plug-and-play widgets themed around the upcoming Christmas holidays. This time, we’re going to implement full-body widget animations (i.e. we’re not just animating the clock), and we’re pretty sure you will like what we’ve accomplished!

Now, just like Best Widgets, this pack will be free to download, though this time, you’ll have to watch an advertisement before you unlock a widget design. Sure, this may be annoying for some of you, but we do this as a full-time job, and somebody’s got to pay for all the coffee we drink.

Our work is nearing its completion so stay tuned for the release.