Hi gang,

Do we have some great news! Our work on the iOS version of The Little Ball That Could is finally complete, and the game is ready for you to download from the Apple App Store! This means that you’ll be able to have fun rolling about our 120 maze-like levels, press buttons and avoid spikes on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS version 8 and up.

For those coming this way for the first time, The Little Ball That Could was designed as a minimalist, 21st century interpretation of the awesome arcade platform games of the days of yore. We wanted to bring back Marble Madness and refresh the concept with ideas brought forth by titles like Super Monkey Ball and Marble Blast Ultra. TLBTC is not only a test of your precision, but also a test of your curiosity and puzzle-solving prowess. Here’s what the game offers:

The Little Ball That Could for iOS is a free-to-play title that includes ads. We have included a single $2.99 micro-transaction that lets you remove the ads and get unlimited checkpoints and level skips – not to mention the good feels coming from supporting a budding developer! If Android smartphones and tablets are your cup of tea, you can get that version from the Google Play Store, right here. It’s completely free there as well, so there’s no reason not to try it out!