What do you get when you cross Marble Madness, Super Monkey Ball, Marble Blast Ultra, and Portal? The Little Ball That Could, that’s what! In TLBTC, you will embark on a great journey to recover lost hearts, scattered gems, hidden puzzle pieces, and prove your courage to your kind.

Hi everyone,

We have a big announcement to make. After more than a year of work, we have finally completed our first mobile game, The Little Ball That Could! If you like marble/roll-the-ball platformers, then TLBTC will be a real treat for you. You can download it from Google Play Store for free – the download link is right here.


The Little Ball That Could is a cool marble platformer in the vein of Marble Madness, Super Monkey Ball and Marble Blast Ultra. Unlike these games, which were primarily focused on speed, we have looked up to Portal and similar puzzle platforming games. With this in mind, we made TLBTC not only a test of your precision, but also a test of your curiosity and puzzle-solving prowess. Here’s what the game offers:

  • Over 8 hours of unique gameplay that revolves around avoiding traps, collecting gems, finding hidden puzzle pieces, and releasing trapped friends
  • 120 levels that include multiple paths and three objectives to complete
  • A simple story with several cutscenes and an alternative ending that becomes available depending on your actions
  • Unlockable cosmetic skins, as well as end-game ball types that let you play the game in different ways.
  • Awesome soundtrack including an original theme song
  • Tight controls and support for customizable on-screen buttons, virtual pads, tilt sensor control, as well as external controllers.


For the time being, The Little Ball That Could is available for Android smartphones and tablets, and you can get it here. It’s completely free, so you can try it out! We are planning to release it for iPhones and iPads as well, so stay tuned for a new announcement!