NaissusWorks, the makers of no-nonsense, high-quality apps and games!

We make no-nonsense, high-quality apps and games!

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NaissusWorks is a an independent software development studio founded in Nis, Serbia in 2012. Up until recently, we have been hard at work delivering great first- and third-party apps for the Android platform, as well as unique web solutions for businesses both large and small. Now, we have evolved and are expanding to other mobile platforms and game development. Here are some of our latest projects:

The Little Ball That Could

What do you get when you cross Marble Madness and Portal? The Little Ball That Could, our new marble platforming game, will let you find out, as you embark on an epic quest to find lost hearts and save trapped friends. 

Swim Up

How far can you get before the shark gets you? Find out in our one-tap infinite runner... I mean, swimmer! You need to deal with increasingly stronger currents, mind the walls, avoid deadly hooks & mines, and be on a lookout for shiny pearls!

Best Widgets

The ultimate widgets for Android have arrived, and they're completely free! Customize your widget to your heart's content, enjoy the beautiful clock animations, and get useful forecast information via the built-in forecast screen.

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Since we are only two men strong, we don't get a lot of time to chat. Still, we use all the time we have left after tinkering on our latest game to talk to you guys over Twitter! Here are some of the latest news and announcements from our blog: